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19th January, 2008

In early December 2007 I accompanied Nick Melidonis on a trip to Cambodia. The temples of Angkor are spectacular - the more so when you realize that what you are seeing is just the shell of what was once there. I found the Tonle Sap Lake and the life around and on it to be of great interest as well. The trip was definitely not long enough and I'll be going back!

I've posted some photographs from the trip in both Flash and HTML versions.

19th November, 2007

Last Wednesday I attended the launch of a new book, Red Dust in Her Veins . It was launched in Karratha by Sam Walsh, CEO of RioTinto Iron Ore and contains the stories of twelve very different women and their lives in that unique region of Western Australia, the Pilbara. I'm pleased to say that the book includes a number of my photographs of the region. Proceeds from the sale of the book go to the Royal Flying Doctor Service, Western Operations. You can order "Red Dust in Her Veins" through the above website. I'm proud to have been associated with the project.

"Red Dust in Her Veins" will have a US launch in New York on January 28th as part of G'Day USA, Australia's primary promotional vehicle in the US.

20th October, 2007

I've posted some new work from my Pilbara trip in late September, 2007. Flash or html versions are available. These photos have not yet been included in the main Pilbara galleries, but I'll add them in due course. The current home page photo is from this trip.

Thanks to all those who assisted with and attended my recent gallery exhibition 'Above Capricorn' at the Epson Gallery at Plaza Imaging in Perth.

23rd July, 2007

It's been a while since I returned from my last trip to the Kimberley region at the beginning of June, but I've finally had a chance to update the website with a gallery of new work from that trip. There is a flash version here if you have a fast internet connection. Otherwise there's an html version here. The various Kimberley galleries have been updated to include the new work. The current home page photo is also from that trip.

22nd April, 2007

The colour scheme has had a makeover already - the previous one was a bit harsh.

I've reworked the main galleries page, but it's still a bit slow to load, I'll do do some more work on that when I get a chance. I've also added some Exmouth photos to the Pilbara gallery. Yes, I know Exmouth isn't really in the Pilbara, but it's pretty close.

17th April, 2007

I've now added the Pilbara galleries and done a few minor modifications in other areas.

9th April,2007

About three and a half years after I started selling my photographic prints in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, I'm finally able to launch this website! There always seemed to be something more pressing to do.....

Initially I've put up a set of galleries of my work in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Pilbara photos will follow soon, followed in turn by my other work. So if you like what you see here, please call in from time to time to see what's new.

So welcome - I hope you'll have a look around. Please tell me what you think about the site and the photography - good or bad. I'm keen to hear any comments.

For those who'd like to know, the galleries were put together in the recently released Adobe Lightroom, a program designed specifically for the digital photographer's workflow. The rest of the site was built using Dreamweaver. This is my first attempt at building a website, so if things don't seem quite as they should be please accept my apologies, then let me know.